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    September 19th, 2016

    HAGERSTOWN, MD: There are weekends to remember in the racing world and this past weekend at Hagerstown Speedway was one that will go into the history books as “Legendary”. With two, three, even four wide racing in all divisions, the fans attending the 10th Annual Small Car Nationals witnessed what could have been the best event of the 2016 season.

    Keith Jackson set fast time in Friday’s qualifications for the Late Model Sportsman division and earned the pole position for the $2000 to win feature. Jackson jumped out to an early lead but along came Rance Garlock with a second turn inside move to steal the lead on the ninth lap. Garlock continued to show the way until the 21st circuit. However, Jackson regained the lead and never looked back. Ralph Morgan Jr. ended in the runner up position ahead of 13th starter Kyle Lee.

    “I need to thank the Weaver family for this opportunity,” Jackson said. “Cautions helped me. Garlock was strong.”

    The Pure Stocks had five lead changes in the 20 lapper with four wide racing, insane restarts and more to say the least. Greg Moore led the first two laps until Jamie Zentmyer drove by to lead the third with Moore retaking it the next lap. Four laps later, Chris Ebersole charged past Moore but Moore wasn’t giving up easy as he battled back to retake the lead on the 16th and post the win. Ebersole held to the runner up spot ahead of Rob Nichols.

    Doing double duty, Kyle Lee started on the pole for the Crate Late Models feature and pulled ahead to lead the first three laps when Allen Brannon assumed control and continued to lead until the 23rd lap.  It was then that eighth starting Ralph Morgan Jr., also doing double duty, charged past while Lindsay Barton got past Brannon to chase Morgan to the finish. Brannon held on to finish third.

    Jamie Mills was on the pure stock pole but Alex Boozel pulled out to lead until the ninth lap when tenth starter Dylan Rutherford arrived and took over for the remaining six laps. Boozel and Michael Warrenfeltz were next.

    The Rookie Cars also had two, three and even five wide racing during the feature but it was Ryan Peer leading every lap as all the position exchanges were going on behind him.

    Chris Fletcher battled with Mike Corbin during the first five laps of the E-mod feature but it was Fletcher holding to the lead and parking in victory lane.


    10th Annual Small Car Nationals

    Late Model Sportsman 30-Lap Feature: 1.Keith Jackson, 2.Ralph Morgan Jr., 3.Kyle Lee, 4.James Lichliter, 5.Shaun Jones, 6.Paul Cursey, 7.Mike Walls, 8.Dan Zechman, 9.Matt Nailor, 10.Elwood Sord, 11.Rodney Walls, 12.Jimmy Richards, 13.Eddie Cornett, 14.Andy Fries, 15.John Rowland, 16.Rance Garlock, 17.Cody Kershner, 18.Alan Sagi, 19.Brayden Anderson, 20.Kurt Zimmerman, 21.Derick Quade, 22.Steve Kent, 23.Kyle Lear, 24.Wes Bonebrake


    Pure Stock 20-Lap Feature: 1.Greg Moore, 2.Chris Ebersole, 3.Rob Nichols, 4.Ryan Sager, 5.Jamie Zentmyer, 6.Craig Parrill, 7.Bob Egley, 8.Scotty Nelson, 9.Brian Luttrell, 10.Keith Koontz, 11.Sean Dawson, 12.Mike Potts, 13.Ton Catlett, 14.Frank Dibella, 15.Greg Hainsey, 16.Randy Zechman, 17.Kevin Sigler, 18.Josh Bloom, 19.Boyd Brode, 20.Troy Kassiris, 21.Wayne Hawbaker, 22.Mike Desch, 23.Brandson Churchey, 24.Ridge Bookwalter, 25.Jeremy Tinsman, 26.Dickie Tharpe, 27.Ed Pope, 28.Michael Bennett


    Crate Late Models 25-Lap Feature: 1.Ralph Morgan Jr., 2.Lindsay Barton, 3.Allen Brannon, 4.Kyle Lee, 5.Tanner Kerr, 6.Scott Sweeney, 7.Steve Lowery, 8.Mike Franklin, 9.Jennae Piper, 10.Jakob Piper, 11.James Sutphin, 12.Wes Brannon, 13.Chuck Bowie, 14.Levi Crowl, 15.Devin Brannon, 16.Dave Friedrich, 17.Ben Bowie, 18.John Sellner, 19.Gunner Kerr, 20.Bud Durboraw, 21.Bryan Benton, 22.Austin Stover


    Hobby Stocks 15-Lap Feature: 1.Dylan Rutherford, 2.Alex Boozel, 3.Michael Warrenfeltz, 4.Shawn Shoemaker, 5.Ryan Leister, 6.Jamie Mills, 7.Marshall McMullen, 8.Matt Wampler, 9.John Catlett, 10.John Howsare, 11.Ralph Hansberger, 12.James Mongan Jr, 13.James Speelman, 14.James Jones, 15.Mike Fuller, 16.Kevin Imes, 17.John Hardesty, 18.Greg Morgan, 19.Nabil Guffey, 20.Jonathan Railey, 21.William Ecton, 22.James Mongan Jr, 23.Jonathan Oliver


    Rookie Cars 15-Lap Feature: 1.Ryan Peer, 2.Justin Williamson, 3.Josh Ringer, 4.Jimmy Iser, 5.Austin Nichols, 6.Noah Swank, 7.Robert Wellman, 8.Steven Martin Jr., 9.Steven Martin, 10.Justin Bowley, 11.Kayla Varner, 12.Robert Wilson, 13.Devon Iser, 14.Larry Lamb, 15.Derek Iser, 16.Kevin Oates, 17.Kevin Banzhoff


    E-Mod 20-Lap Feature: 1.Chris Fletcher, 2.Mike Corbin, 3.Ryne Pennington, 4.Rusty Pennington, 5.Kevin Boyer, 6.Ray Kable, 7.Ernie Shirley, 8.Beau Aikey, 9.Haley Kaiser


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