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    Anyone wanting to sign up for the Kids club please fill out the sign up sheet below and bring to the track or scan to kids@hagerstownspeedway.com

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    The Kids Club

    Here is a little briefing of what we are trying to accomplish with the Kids Club.  We are trying to get the family and children involved with the sport and activities as a family in general.  It seems that that nowadays the kids are on their phones or on video games and not really getting that family time that we all love so much.

    The Kids Club is designed to get the kids into different activities throughout the racing season.  The parents have to be the ones to sign the child up for the club.  The ages are 11 and under.  We want to be able to give all of the kids a special gift for signing up that you can only get if you are in the kids club.  This could be a number of items that represent the kids club.  For instance, I would like to have a shirt that is made and has the kids club on there with a logo.  The ideas for this could be endless as to what we could do to make it special for the kids.

    We have five events planned for the kids at the race track.  We have an egg hunt, a bike giveaway, a bike race, a foot race, and a candy scramble.  We have many other ideas that we would like to try but we just need some help to get there so that we can make this happen as a team.

    Also every week we would like to be able to do something for the kids.  It might be that a company gives us coupons for $2 off and they give us 25 of them to hand out.  Well on that night the company will be announced and given recognition that they are working with the kids club and 25 of the kids that are signed up in the kids club will get those coupons that are given from company.  It is truly just the little things to keep the attention of the kids and have them involved.  Anything that a company and I feel that will make those kids feel special is something I am willing to try.

    Our goal is to make the kids feel like they mean something to us at the race track and the businesses that are supporting us.  We appreciate you taking the time to consider our ideas and we hope that you will work with us in the 2014 racing season.

    Thank you,

    Keya Davis
    General Manager
    Dirt Capitol LLC
    4786 Williamsport Pike
    Martinsburg, WV 25404